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Get the most out of your marketing listings
and secure your business model by getting a website that is designed to be personal for your visitors, including a simple to use on-line reservation system that will turn as many visitors into guests as possible
while putting money in your pocket and freeing up some of your time.

At Webtools Hosting Services, Inc. we make custom web sites for those who do not already have one and we also remodel existing web sites that are poorly designed.  As you've probably noticed, more and more guests are using the internet – and as your online traffic and attention grows, so does your competition's. Something happens when people are on the internet – people quickly become impatient – and research shows that they have every right to be. If a website doesn't catch their attention, then it's just as easy to browse on to the next site.

That's why Inn's with websites listed on browsable maps (such as GoogleTM) get more traffic – and why websites with online reservation systems get more guests.  Additionally, your website can take reservations 24 hours a day.

We pay attention to search engine optimization so that you show up on map searches and get more traffic.

If you do not have a web site and do not want to build one from scratch you can simply use our custom designed availability and reservation page as your stand alone web site.


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