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Easier-Innkeeping-With-Web-Reservation-Desk has two portals, one for vacationers and one for management.

     Guests can browse room availability, descriptions, and what makes your Inn or Vacation Home special.  Real time online reservations use encryption to insure privacy.   Confirmation and optional rental contract is emailed to the guest, also an email is optionally sent to management and cleaning contractors, or booking agencies.
Click here to see a demo.

      Management has access to all reservations, present and past, using as many or few of the front desk features as needed.  Typically the front desk portal is used for guest reservation look up,  check-in, check-out, cleaned room status and  room maintenance entries.  It can also be used to download data into spread sheets for analysis and record keeping as well as for paper backup.
Click here to see a demo of manager's portal.   The username is demouser and the password is also demouser.

     You have the freedom to enter or change any information in either of these demo programs.  They are linked so that you may enter a test reservation and then go to the front desk portal and view the reservation you just made. 


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