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"Build Your Own Custom Solution."

You will have a 90 day free trial and no charges will be made until you are 100% satisfied with our product and services. 

Please use these prices as a guide.  WebReservationDesk.com is a small company like yours and prides it's self on not only custom reservation solutions but individual needs and will work with your budget and goals.

Should you need one, we make custom pre-filled contracts that are emailed to renters so that they can simply sign and return them to complete their reservation.  These contracts can be different for each cabin or room depending on pets, parties, cleaning, breakage etc.  Once these auto contracts are set up we only charge for major re-writes and make most small corrections for free.
Our prices are competative!

$    10.00 Per Month 1 or 2 Rooms or Renals
$    50.00 Per Month 3-10 Rooms or Rentals
$    5.00 ea. Rooms or Rentals from 11-20
$    2.50 ea. Additional Over 21 Listings
$ 397.00 One Time Setup Fee for 3 or more Rooms or Rentals
$    40.00 Custom Setup for 1 or 2 Rooms or Rentals
$    20.00 One Time Setup Fee per custom contract needed.

Additional Pricing and Fees

$10 Hosting fee for those not using our reservation service per month.
$10 Setup for Pre-Built reservation websites. 
$497 For basic custom built websites.
$100 Web makeover first eight hours, $20 per hour if more time is needed.
10% Yearly Discounts for fees paid in advance.
Money Back Guarantee applies to all our services and charges.
Income Guarantee applies to all our monthly charges.
There are No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees for any of our services.

- 2 Cabins using custom-built reservation system pays $40 setup, and $10 per month. 
Total cost $160 for first year and $120 per year on going. - less if you use Income Guarantee.
- 7 rooms using custom reservation system pays $397 setup, and $50 per month.
Total cost $970 for the first year and $600 per year on going.
- 24 room pre-built reservation system pays $10 setup, and $110 per month.
Total cost $1330 maximum for first year,  $330 if only open for 3 months a year.

Starting at $50 a month you will get:

  • A simple to use custom built on-line reservations system
    -Availability and prices 24/7
    -Email confirmation to guest, innkeeper, cleaning services, agencies as required.
    -Optional custom auto filled contract attached to email confirmation for rental agreements.
    -Keep your existing website and hosting service provider if you wish.     
    Click here to see demo.
  • Reservation Desk.  
    Securely view all your reservations, customers, and maintenance logs. 
    -Backed up automatically every night, and fully download able to popular accounting tools.
    -Search for customer reservations by partial name or number.
    -Modify or update reservation information on a single form. 
    -Change room descriptions, prices, and disclaimers.  
    -Automated cleaning and maintenance manager.

  • Fully Customized Content. 
    -Ask guests if they have special dietary needs.
    -Pets and Smoking check boxes optional.
    -Confirmation email with optional contract.
    -Make your reservation pages look and behave your way. If we do not already have a feature you need then we will be happy to add it free of charge.
    -All this on a web page that matches the template of your other pages 

  • Income Guarantee. 
    -In any month that you do not receive a reservation using your custom built online reservation system; you pay nothing! 
    -Hosting fees and monthly service charges are all waved. 
    -During the off season you do not have to deactivate your services because fees are automatically waved when no online reservations are made in a calendar month.

  • Phone Service is always Free.
    800-413-9458 technical support number is always free but if you prefer email us at webmaster@webreservationdesk.com

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not getting the results you are looking for, simply email sales@webreservationdesk.com, or PayPal and you will get a full no-questions, no-hassles, full refund.

Income Guarantee - If you have an off season, of several months, then you will not pay a monthly charge while still having full access to customer and booking data through the reservation desk.



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