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"If you build it they will NOT come."

Let us host your web site so it can be optimized for greater traffic from all sources including map searches.

Your potential guests start by searching a popular search engine
using key words that they know will result in a list of possible vacation sites that they may want to visit.    

Turns out that the number one way your guests end up finding you is by using a map search tool such a GoogleTM. Visitors select a part of the country where they wish to stay by using a web map displaying nearby destinations.  This will show them the Inns and Resorts that understand how to get listed. 

If you try this search technique for yourself, you will see that many of these listings do not even have a web page.  Having a web page with good SEO can not only get you listed but that page then invites the guest to click on your web site to get more information. 

This seem like a perfect place to remind you that these folks will then want to book a room immediately.   They will quickly move to the next listing if there is no way to quickly reserve the room without making a phone call.  Most web users prefer not to phone a business. 


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