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"Your URL is your most important web asset"

A URL can make or break your business these days.

So what is so important about a URL?  It is your business name on the web and should describe what your business is about.  A short easily remembered name can really effect how many visitors will visit your web site.    

Here are two examples, InnByTheSea.com, Vacations.BAB.OakRidgeManor.biz
As you can see the first can be remembered and even spelled later by someone who may have seen the URL in a magazine or sign.  The second one is hopelessly long and even if written down; seen as too much trouble to enter on a keyboard later. 

You may not realize it but if your web site does not end in .com then you're losing a lot of visitors.  If you have a URL does it look like it would be easy to tell someone over the phone what it is without carefully spelling it out? 

We can help you get a good one if you move your web site to our server or create a new web site on our server.


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